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"Creating a Safer Place"

Creating A Safer Home, Business & Place of Worship

With Munford Safety & Security Consulting LLC, our experienced consultants will provide cutting edge home inspections, commercial building inspections, construction site inspections, OSHA Inspections, DOT Inspections and program development services. We offer comprehensive home inspections, commercial building inspections, safety, security, engineering, and emergency preparedness that comply with the International Residential Code,  OSHA, EPA, NFPA, and Department of Homeland Security standards. Our company works with clients in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and surrounding cities.

Consultants You Can Trust 

Our consulting team is knowledgeable in various local, federal and state safety guidelines. As such, we can perform up-to-date code compliance inspections and deliver highly informational reports. Our consulting team consists of:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Engineering Consultant
  • Engineering Technician Consultant
  • Department of Transportation Safety Consultant

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Our Certifications and Affiliations

AHERA Certified Building Inspector 

American Society of Safety Engineers 


Federal Acquisition Institute 

Home Advisor Certified & Approved