Munford Safety & Security Consulting LLC

"Creating a Safer Place"

About the Company

Munford Safety & Security Consulting LLC is an Alabama-based firm. We specialize in safety consulting for clients in Tuscaloosa and neighboring cities.

Our Beginnings

Jeff Munford, a Certified Master Inspector and Emergency Preparedness Trainer, and a former government employee, recently founded this business. He was motivated to start the company after witnessing a fire in a local venue. Seeing that employees and staff didn’t know how to respond in order to save lives; he realized that there was a great need for professional safety services in the area.

In addition, there has been an increase in shooting events that have led to several lives lost. Therefore, community awareness on active shooters and threats is paramount.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We are able to perform complete home inspections within 48 hours of initial contact. 
  • We offer discounts to military Veterans and service members currently serving.
  • We are able to provide reports and training in English and Spanish.
  • We are able to provide up-to-date compliance on municipal, state, and federal guidelines and regulations.
  • We are able to inspect buildings and establishments, develop operating procedures, and train personnel within your company.

Our Mission

The mission of Munford Safety and Security Consultant LLC is two-fold. The first part of the mission is to provide reassurance to clients that their building or residence meets regulatory guidelines. Equally, we are here to make sure that the establishment has the protection features necessary to save the lives.

Most of all, our duty is to ensure that individuals have the tools and knowledge they need in times of calamity. It is important that people are capable of making the best decisions when it comes to safety.

Our Goal

There is a need to ensure the safety of all occupants in buildings and structures. Thus, we work to be a thriving safety and security consultant firm that anyone can access anytime.